Meaning of Undas for Filipinos in the Philippines

Undas is the Filipinized version of All Saints/Souls Day where Filipinos troop to memorial parks, mausoleums, and municipal cemeteries.

The most common practice is going to the cemetery to clean the graveyards and paint the tombs of their loved ones. During these days, cemeteries are fully packed with people. Relatives from far-off provinces, or even abroad often go to the cemeteries where their loved ones were buried. They light candles and offer flowers in memory of their dead relatives.

It also a sort of family reunion where family members would gather together in the cemeteries bringing foods and beverages, play card games and other forms of gambling, deafening loud speakers and drinking sprees even though authorities strictly prohibits such nuisances.

Majority of all TV programs during this season are about ghost stories. This was popularized by the now defunct Magandang Gabi Bayan hosted by now Philippine Vice-President Noli de Castro. Tales about haunted houses, ghost encounters, and supernatural beings are a prevalent theme.

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