How to apply for vanity plates at LTO – Philippines

Here’s a quick guide on how to acquire or apply vanity plates from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) here in the Philippines.

Vanity License Plate (VLP) refers to the optional motor vehicle (MV) plate for the purpose of establishing personalized identity of the motor vehicle to the registered owner.

* A single VLP is issued in conjunction with the regular plate and is installed at the space allotted for the rear license plate of the MV by superimposing or placing it on top of the regular license plate.
* The VLP shall be issued to the MV owner and shall belong to the owner with an effectivity period for life unless revoked by LTO due to violation and non-compliance to existing mandatory MV registration laws and regulations.
* The Vanity Plate shall only be issued to the MV owner and assigned to a registered owner if such motor vehicle have been issued a regular license plate.
* A vehicle owner may apply for transfer to another vehicle subject to the given processes and rules of issuance, and the related fees.
* The physical service life of the VLP shall be within a period of five (5) years. After which, the VLP owner shall request for re- issuance of new plate bearing the same alphanumeric combination upon payment of re-issuance fee.
* Authorization of commemorative plates will no longer be granted upon implementation of the vanity plates program. However, existing commemorative plates shall be allowed to mature its validity period with no further extension.
* The following classes of MV under the four (4) wheel category duly registered with the Land Transportation Office shall be eligible to avail of the vanity plate:

1. Existing MV: Cars; Sports Utility Vehicles(SUV); Vintage & Collectors; Asian Utility vehicles; Sports Pickup.
2. New MV: Cars, Sports Utility vehicles; Asian Utility Vehicles; Sports Pick up.

* The following classifications of MV shall not be covered by the program:

1. Existing MV: Public Utility Vehicles; Cargo Trucks (private/for hire); Service Vehicles (hotel limousines, tourist vehicles, car rentals); Government Vehicles, Diplomatic/Other Exempted Vehicles.
2. New MV: Public Utility vehicles; Cargo trucks (private/for hire); Service Vehicles (hotel limousines, tourist vehicles, car rentals); Government Vehicles, Diplomatic/Other Exempted Vehicles; More than four (4) wheel category.

What are the Vanity Plates Categories?

* Consists of four (4) or maximum of six (6) characters, either all numeric or all alphas; Example: 999999 AAAAA WWWWWW 8888

* Can be purchased through public aution with a floor price of Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 50,000.00)


* Consists of six (6) characters, a combination of numeric-alpha (reverse of the current license plate number); Example: 555 MCM 888 ARL 168 FFF

* The price is Fifteen Thousand Pesos (Php 15,000.00)


* Consists of minimum of three (3) or maximum of six (6) characters;Example: GANDA MACHO JST4U 14344 WINNER

* The price is Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000.00)

How to acquire Vanity Plate?

1. In Person, proceed to MID-Computer Section, and accomplish the Application for Vanity Plates Form. Payment must be made at the time of ordering.
2. Within five (5) working days after your payment is received, your plate will be sent through our accredited courier at your Home Address.

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