Directory of the Office of the President – Philippines

Here is the complete list of contact information of the Philippines’ Executive Branch, the office of the President and her cabinet officials.

Office of the President
Malacañang Palace
JP Laurel Street, San Miguel,
Manila NCR 1005
+63 (2) 735 6201 / (2) 564 1451 to 80

H.E. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Malacañang Palace
JP Laurel Street, San Miguel
Manila 1005
Voice:+63 (2) 564-1451 to 80; +63 (2) 735-8005
Fax:+63 (2) 736-1010

Hon. Eduardo R. Ermita
Executive Secretary
Premier Guest House,
JP Laurel Street, San Miguel,
Manila 1005
Voice:+63 (2) 735-5359; +63 (2) 736-1076
Fax:+63 (2) 736-1010

Hon. Alberto G. Romulo
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
11/F DFA Bldg.,
Roxas Boulevard,
Pasay City
Voice:+63 (2) 834-3010
Fax:+63 (2) 832-1597

Hon. Margarito B. Teves
Secretary of Finance
6/F DOF Bldg.,
Roxas Blvd.,
Manila 1004
Voice:+63 (2) 523-9219; +63 (2) 523-9215
Fax:+63 (2) 521-9495

Hon. Raul M. Gonzalez
Secretary of Justice
DOJ Main Bldg.,
Padre Faura Street,
Manila 1004
Voice:+63 (2) 521-8344; +63 (2) 521-3271
Fax:+63 (2) 521-1614

Hon. Arthur C. Yap
Secretary of Agriculture
4/F DA Annex Bldg.,
Quezon City 1104
Voice:+63 (2) 920-4358; +63 (2) 920-4323;
Fax:+63 (2) 926-6426

Hon. Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr.
Secretary of Public Works and Highways
Room 202, DPWH Bldg.,
Bonifacio Drive, Port Area,
Manila 1018
Fax:+63 (2) 304-3020

Hon. Jesli A. Lapus
Secretary of Education
2/F Rizal Bldg.,
University of Life Meralco Avenue,
Pasig City 1605
Voice:+63 (2) 633-7208; +63 (2) 633-7228
Fax:+63(2) 636-4876

Hon. Marianito D. Roque
Secretary of Labor and Employment
2/F DOLE Executive Bldg.,
San Jose Street, Intramuros
Manila 1002
Voice:+63 (2) 527-2116; +63 (2) 527-2118
Fax:+63 (2) 527-3494

Hon. Gilberto Teodoro
Secretary of National Defense
Room 301, DND Bldg.,
Camp Aguinaldo, EDSA,
Quezon City 1110
Voice:911-0488; 911-1746;
Fax:+63 (2) 911-6213

Hon. Francisco T. Duque III
Secretary of Health
2/F DOH Bldg., San Lazaro Compound,
Sta. Cruz,
Manila 1014
Voice:+63 (2) 743-6393
Fax:+63 (2) 743-1829

Hon. Peter B. Favila
Secretary of Trade and Industry
4/F BOI Bldg.,
385 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue,
Makati City 1200
Voice:+63 (2) 899-7450
Fax:+63 (2) 896-1166

Hon. Nasser C. Pangandaman AL HADJ
Secretary for Land Reform
DLR Bldg.,
Quezon City 1104
Voice:+63 (2) 920-0380; +63 (2) 928-3979
Fax:+63 (2) 929-3088

Hon. Lito L. Atienza
Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources
2/F DENR Bldg.,
Visayas Avenue,
Quezon City 1104
Voice:+63 (2) 928-0691 to 93; loc.2003 loc.2008

Hon. Joseph H. Durano
Secretary of Tourism
Room 405, DOT Bldg.,
T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita
Manila 1000
Voice:+63 (2) 524-1751; +63 (2) 525-4102
Fax:+63 (2) 521-7374

Hon. Leandro R. Mendoza
Secretary of Transportation and Communications
16/F, Columbia Tower,
Ortigas Avenue,
Mandaluyong City 1555
Voice:+63 (2) 726-7125; +63 (2) 726-7110
Fax:+63 (2) 726-7104

Hon. Esperanza I. Cabral
Secretary of Social Welfare and Development
Batasang Pambansa Complex
Quezon City 1126
Voice:+63 (2) 931-7916; +63 (2) 931-8068
Fax:+63 (2) 931-8191

Hon. Angelo T. Reyes
Secretary of Energy
4/F DOE Bldg., PNPC Complex,
Meritt Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig,
Metro Manila 1634
Voice:+63 (2) 840-2286
Fax:+63 (2) 840-1731

Hon. Estrella F. Alabastro
Secretary of Science and Technology
2/F DOST Main Bldg., DOST Compound,
Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig,
Metro Manila 1633
Voice:+63 (2) 837-2939
Fax:+63 (2) 837-2937

Hon. Rolando G. Andaya
Secretary of Budget and Management
G/F, DBM Bldg. I,
Gen. Solano St., San Miguel,
Manila 1005
Voice:+63 (2) 735-4927; +63 (2) 735-4926
Fax:+63(2) 735-4936

Agusto B. Santos
Director General, National Economic and Development Authority
6/F NEDA Bldg., Blessed Josemaria Escriva Drive,
Ortigas Center,
Pasig City
Voice:+63 (2) 631 3716; +63 (2) 631 3722
Fax:+63 (2) 631 3747; +63 (2) 631 3752

Hon. Jesus G. Dureza
Press Secretary
3rd Floor, New Executive Building
Manila 1005
Voice:+63 (2) 734-5259
Fax:+63 (2) 735-6167

Hon. Norberto B. Gonzales
National Security Adviser and Director-General, NSC
National Security Council, NICA Compound,
V. Luna St. corner East Avenue
Quezon City 1104
Voice:+63 (2) 929-0414
Fax:+63 (2) 927-2313

Hon. Renato L. Ebarle
Presidential Chief of Staff – Undersecretary
2/F, Mabini Hall
Manila 1005
Voice:+63 (2) 734-9063
Fax:+63 (2) 734-5978

Hon. Domingo F. Panganiban
Lead Convenor, National Anti-Poverty Commission
ATI Bldg., Elliptical Road
Quezon City
Voice:+63 (2) 373 3361 to 64 local.101 and 201
Fax:+63 (2) 373 3301 to 3364 local 132

Hon. Cerge M. Remonde
Head, Presidential Management Staff and Oversight Official for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Programs
10/F PMS Building
Arlegui Street, San Miguel
Manila 1005

Hon. Silvestre Bello III
Cabinet Secretary
10/F PMS Building, Arlegui Street, San Miguel
Manila 1005
Voice:+63 (2) 733-36-58 / 734-58-90
Fax:+63 (2) 733-37-18

Hon. Sergio AF. Apostol
Chief, Presidential Legal Cousel
New Executive Building
Voice:+63(2) 736-1044 / 736-1171

Hon. Rodolfo P. Del Rosario
Presidential Adviser for New Government Centers
New Executive Building, J.P. Laurel
San Miguel
Manila 1005
Voice:+63(2) 736-3363
Fax:+63(2) 736-3363

Hon. Hermogenes Esperon
Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process
7/F Agustin Building I, Emerald Avenue
Ortigas Compound
Pasig City
Voice:+63(2) 636-07-01 to 06 / +63(2) 636-3801 to 06

Hon. Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua III
CICT-NCC Building
G/F Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, Diliman,
Quezon City
Voice:+63 (2) 426-1526 to 28

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46 comments for “Directory of the Office of the President – Philippines

  1. anonymous
    Thursday, January 29th, 2009 11:58 am GMT +8 at 11:58 am

    you may now all resign, i ask u to make this supreme sacrifice to spare our country.

    Huwag na ninyong hintayin na ma impeach ko pa si Gloria.

  2. anonymous
    Thursday, January 29th, 2009 12:01 pm GMT +8 at 12:01 pm

    Mga pipi at bingi lang ang hindi naniniwala sa “Hello Garci”

    Kalukuhan lang ang nagsasabi na hintayin na lang matapos ang termino ni Mrs. Gloria Arroyo.

    Some Filipino should stop thinking that our country would not run without the ever most corrupt and fake president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

  3. Thursday, February 5th, 2009 05:47 pm GMT +8 at 5:47 pm

    Maybe one day you will realize that MVP, Henry Sy, etc. have set you all up so that there is never another Marcos or Erap, which whom could disagree had issues, including the fact that Erap is not healthy enough to serve another term with his kidney failure. MVP paid him off just the same but it is easier to do with VP Noli de Castro as he is ready for coronation. I predicted on my blog that President Arroyo due to the Philippine media winter surprises would be deluged with calls for her resignation, but just as Cory Aquino discussed EDSA II, this is similar. She made a statement, showing some of us, whom are or have been in the ‘corporate elite’ not the Gucci Gang type, whom wants something for nothing. See, Noli de Castro is one of many including President Arroyo, in a line of succession, where the Vice President will take the reign six months before elections, so that they may use the Office of the President to give the people gifts in the provinces and tax breaks, etc., so the media praises them and it appears like there are fair and free elections. I am a U.S. citizen and had hoped that my contract plus the Patek Philippe watch that was my deceased father’s that Manuel Pangilinan’s protege and dear friend, former Corporate Governance Chief and VP (I have the paperwork that was destroyed, as David knows I save everything). I realize that the justice system does not work in the Philippines, so I guess i will have to settle with payment of what I was due of 10,000 shares for US$10.00 through B of NY Mellon of ADRs of First Pacific OTC, US$27,000, the Patek Philippe watch, estimated at US$38,000 (my father whom was a top corporate attorney died at age 46 of lung cancer; he never smoked) and an Ibook as they no longer make the computer model that David Nugent and Maanuel Pangilinan as he signed off on the transaction in persona at my hotel of the Makati Shangri-La. Unlike other foreigners, I did not invest anything, accept spending PHP 100,000 at the Makati Shangri-La as David’s company paid 3 bedroom 8 Wok Wok Road Apartment was too small or whatever. Certainly with my one share of PLDT stock and 22 shares of First Pacific stock I could sue SPi and Manuel Pangilinan on other corporate grounds, but I have little interest in trying to “save” the Philippines as very few people were good to me. I will not go after yanking the Dell contract with the litany of anti-Jewish remarks, that I received from the PLDT opposition research team, nor will I talk about Thai drivers. Let’s settle this Mr. Pangilinan, before the US$150 million investment in SPi looks like a national joke. Jason

  4. ronnie
    Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 08:50 pm GMT +8 at 8:50 pm

    our country have a lot of pending cases i hope you will act on it. and that labor case of my wife at the court of appeals will be judge as soon as posible together with the other pending cases.

  5. ronnie
    Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 08:56 pm GMT +8 at 8:56 pm

    our country have a lot of pending cases i hope you will act on it asap. and that include the labor case of my wife at the court of appeals in cebu

  6. Susan M. Grande
    Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 03:31 pm GMT +8 at 3:31 pm

    I am hoping that facilitation for the release of scholarship funds especially for One Town One Scholar project of Pres. Arroyo be looked into and be expedited as much as possible because the scholars are waiting. It is already 2 months from enrollment and the parents are shouldering the expenses which is supposed to be shouldered and supported by the government as it has promised. The parents keep on calling the CHED to follow up and it is exasperating to be answered “Keep on following up”. Please let the President know about this. Why so much delay? I understood that this project has a budget but I do not understand why it takes so long to process when we have enough government employees to do the job.

  7. prime.caingcoy
    Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 09:19 pm GMT +8 at 9:19 pm

    I am a public employee as clerk in a 4th class municipality for 15 years, my concern right now is I haven’t recieved yet the lump sum of my optional policy that matured last year which I already surrender with the GSIS since September 2009. This year, my other policy regular will also to mature and Im thinking this will also be in deaf ear by the GSIS people.
    I do not lost hope that this government agency will process my claim, but my point and great dismay is that the motto or slogan they advertised daily “KAHIT KAILAN, KAHIT SAAN, MAASAHAN is just like vandals on the toilet room without a concrete meaning. Their great alibis-” We are on the process of transferring the data base…that the IBM…and we file case…sorry for the inconvenienced!
    like an answering machine on the other line.
    I do hope the President will have a hand on putting this matter in order, because that’s our hard earned money taken from 6,000 pesos monthly salary which I believe is only a pinch compared with their allowances-my cell # 09068587915

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